Fulfilling the promise of partnering


More and more organisations rely on others for their success so partnering and alliances is increasingly seen as a great means to achieve results. However, whether you call it teaming, partnering, customer or supplier relationship management, outsourcing, go to market alliances, joint venturing or something else, only 30% of such initiatives meet their objectives. And the consequences of getting it wrong are increasing too.

So winning with alliances is not easy and it may seem like you need to climb a precarious mountain all alone. Fear not, ALLIANTIST can equip you with the tools and mindset needed for success! With our unique Partner & Alliance Manager™ (PAM)software and exciting learning programmes we can help you get the results you deserve and enable you to climb the next set of mountain peaks quickly and effectively. ALLIANTIST are not just alliance builders; we build alliance capability.

Alliances really are a game worth playing if your organisation has a capability to partner. No wonder then that the smarter organisations are now taking this area more seriously and seeing compelling returns on their partnering investments using principles such as those expressed in ALLIANCE BRAND: fulfilling the promise of partnering the leading book in its field on Amazon authored by Mark Darby.


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