Fulfilling the promise of partnering

Alliance Brand

Organisations must continue to achieve more with less, so partnering offers tremendous promise. Whether it is for reducing costs, growing revenues, improving operations or aiding innovation many organisations, regardless of size or sector, now depend on others for much of their business success. However, up to 70% of alliances fail to meet their objectives. In addition, there is increasing compliance and controls legislation that heightens the financial and reputational risks from failure.

Firms must therefore display a positive reputation and hard alliance results in order to attract the best partners and stand out from the growing crowd of potential allies. This is what we call Alliance Brand, where a leading alliance brand is “the partner to work with, delivering on its promises and creating superior value for their customers, partners, shareholders and other key stakeholders from its alliance activity.” See the book

It is clear that many organisations find it difficult to partner but having an alliance capability is now just the price of entry to the beauty parade, it won’t guarantee success in itself. The choice of who the organisation works with in the future, why, what for, and crucially how, will also be the difference between success and failure. Together, these are the critical success factors for winning with alliances and lead to Alliance Brand reputation and results:

Critical success factor 1 is having a capability to partner yourself

Critical success factor 2 is having the right partners in the alliance portfolio

Critical success factor 3 is having the right relationship architectures underpinning each alliance

Alliance Brand is not just a good idea, the results are higher revenues and reduced alliance failure rates, along with lower costs and fewer risks. Alliance Brands also have more satisfied staff and partners, and a transparent, audit-friendly process to satisfy increasing governance concerns. This leads to sustainable alliance success, and ultimately ‘partner of choice’ status in your chosen industries and markets.

That’s a compelling return on investment. That’s an Alliance Brand.


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