Fulfilling the promise of partnering

Partner & Alliance Manager™ (PAM) Software

Partner & Alliance Manager™ (PAM) puts the tools for success in the hands of the alliance manager and enables even faster access to those benefits in a sustainable fashion with a compelling ROI. PAM is built by alliance professionals for alliance professionals. It is based on ALLIANTIST Maps models and tools and is built within a web based application that can be delivered via a hosted service, dedicated on site server, or on your existing network servers.

PAM™ enables organisations to do three things well:

Investigate create and execute alliances quickly, effectively and with a higher return than could be achieved alone

Balance and manage the partner and alliance portfolio to quickly observe performance and extract maximum value at all times

Share information on partners and alliances across the organisation, and with partners, using leading alliance tools and processes for optimal effect

This leads to higher organisation rewards, lower risks and better allocation of scarce resources. In addition it provides for happier, wealthier partners who are more likely to act collaboratively. Finally it brings about more fulfilled employees, financially, physically and psychologically.

If you would like to know more about PAM™ and see a demo online contact us now


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